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Sweet Nosh


nosh and quaff , Rocky Road

Rich chocolate brownie, nut brittle, marshmallow, ice cream and loads of chocolate sauce 4.95

nosh and quaff Cheees Cake

Creamy cheese cake of crumble and fruit... Ask your server for today’s flavour 4.95

nosh and quaff Sharing Sundae

Topped with banana, toffee, peanut butter ice cream and crunchy bits 8.95

nosh and quaff Hot Cookie

Oven baked chocolate chip cookie dough with cool vanilla ice cream 5.95


(G) Contains Gluten (D) Contains Dairy (S) Contains Shellfish (N) Contains Nuts - Ask Servers For Full Allergen List. Allergenic Ingredients Are Present In Our Kitchen – We Cannot Guarantee Dishes Are 100% Free Of These Ingredients.
10% Discretionary Service Charge Applies To Tables Of 10 Or More.
Menu selection and or price may vary to menu at the restaurant

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Lets get messy together and have the perfect party at Nosh and Quaff.
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